expand your creativity beyond your normal medium

By April Turgutalp

If you are already drawing and painting, chances are you have other creative outlets that are untouched. Explore your creative side fully, and you may find another outlet for your business. For example, I may love to paint weird unusual things, but I also enjoy sewing, crocheting, jewelry making, clay modeling and sculpting, playing guitar and ukulele, woodworking, wood burning, creating products such as soap and other items, and cooking. Each creative outlook can help expand your creative drive inside you. If you cook, you may notice there is a time to take the food off the stove when the food is cooked at the right moment of perfection. Too soon and the food will be too hard, too late and the food will be mushy. Then, you can apply what you have learned in cooking to your painting. Too little application of paint can make your painting look unfinished, too much paint and it will look muddy and overdone. You can teach yourself the ability to find that exact moment of perfection by using food as an example to your art, and visa-versa. Your pattern in your bracelet that you are making can help you find patterns in your painting. You can apply a technique of patterns to your painting that you would apply in your bead making, or visa versa, such as a pattern and colors from your cheetah painting can be applied when making bracelets. There is so many things that one of our creative outlets can teach the other creative outlet, we just need to be attentive and observe the connections and teachings that all creative outlets can teach us. We can go even further, by applying life lessons learned in art such as patience or perseverance and apply them to our relationships in life. This is why sometimes art can be used as a meditation tool or healing method. Enjoy every realm of art, taste it, see it, hear it. Use it to its full advantage, and you will advance not only in your art, but in your life as a whole. Tie art with the whole creative side of your brain, opening doors to advance through each stage by allowing yourself to think outside the box. Happy creating, what ever it may be! Products shown in picture will be available at www.aprilsalleycatart.com in the gifts and apparel section.