Outlets for artists to make money

by April Turgutalp

So how can you make money as an artist? There are more ways and outlets today for you to become a successful artist than 50 years ago. Let’s start with the obvious. Going around to galleries or submitting your art online to a gallery for acceptance into a gallery is one way to go. You can meet new people and become part of the local artist scene. I myself have my artwork hanging at DaVince Gallery, Tomball, Texas. My gallery feels like home, like a second family. I belong to a gallery of 14 artists, each of us feeding off each other's ideas, goals and ambitions. You can visit their website at https://www.davinciartistsgallery.com/ to see all the wonderful and talented artists I share my artitual adventures with. Another outlet is to go to small gift shops or coffee shops and offer percentage based hanging. For example, 15-25% of your profit will go to them if it sells. The percentage will be up to you and the owner's discretion and agreement. Art shows and festivals is another way to get your original artwork out there and sold. Many people list their artwork on ebay, and sell their original artwork setting up a shop there. There is shopify, etsy, facebook marketplace, and amazon to sell your artwork. Creating prints, coffee mugs and other gift items with your artwork can be done on places like redbubble and fineartamerica. You can create calendars with your artwork from vista print and create your own amazon shop selling cards and calendars with your artwork. Creating your own website such as aprilsalleycatart.com is another way to sell your original artwork, get commission based work, and give online lessons through zoom or skype. Posting on pintrest, on facebook pages and making youtube videos on “how to” will promote yourself as an artist. You don’t have to be a starving artist. You can pursue a career doing art, using all the combinations of your abilities and funneling all that creativity into money making outlets as well. The important part is to never stop learning, watch youtube videos and listen to other artists. They will always have something to teach you, no matter what their level is. Stay motivated, every business does not take off the first day you start. It takes time, perseverance, commitment and hard work. It won’t be easy, but it could be possible.

Products with artwork on them at fine art america: https://fineartamerica.com/profiles/april-turgutalp