Details on scheduling a lesson

Contact me for a scheduled online lesson or a future paint party

Contact me with your desired date/time, approximate length of class and I will let you know if I am available for those times and dates. Once we schedule a lesson, I will send you details about what you will need to be prepared for your paint lesson, for example tarps to cover your floors or canvas stands. Payment for online lessons will be scheduled 15 minutes before class. Free cancellations for online lessons. Paint parties will need a deposit at the time of the booking, the rest of the payment can be made at my arrival. There is a 20% cancellation fee for parties due to materials that will need to be bought for the in person parties. Online lessons are a minimum of 30 minutes, first half hour is $15 OR first hour (only 1 hour class) is $27 OR 2 hours for $50, 3 for $75. Classes usually don't exceed longer that 3 hours because people go bonkers after painting longer than three hours. If you schedule a continuation of a three hour class, the continuation hours will only be $25 an hour even though it will be scheduled for another date, as long as it is on the same painting. Repeat customers get perks in in person parties. In person parties are $25-$45 per person depending on the project, canvas, time and supplies that will go into the project. In person parties have a minimum of 6 people. Repeat customer that shows to any party will have their painting fee waived. For example, Joan schedules an in-person party at her house. Jane is there and is a paying customer. Jane holds a party in her house, with a minimum of 6 paying customers. Jane gets her fee waived. Please contact me if you have any questions and I will be more than happy to help you. Looking forward to hearing from you soon!

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